Monday, March 27, 2006

We Could Build It From Flooring!

I am still working even though there has been a lag between posts. Since the floors are all laid a major issue has been what to do with the left over flooring. I put most of it down into the basement for future uses, but we have been using it for a few other projects as well. The first was to make better doors that go from the walk in closets to the “Deep Storage” areas under the eaves. The sliding doors we built weren’t all that great, so I had Pete cover the plywood doors with flooring and we hung them. Pete commented that given the weight of the doors if we put an inside bolt on them the space could serve as our “panic room.” Given that anyone could punch right through the dry wall, I think not.

I did strip and finish the floor in the master bedroom closet, I wasn’t quite as particular as I’ll be when doing the bedrooms, hallways and sun room. But I still think it looks quite good.

We’ve also been scratching our heads about what to do in trimming out the old windows and doorways. The windows were built for a plaster and lathe thickness wall (standard 1920’s) and I hadn’t thought of that when drywalling last summer. The result is that the trim protrudes half an inch beyond the finished wall when it should be flush. Or solution will be to put a block of flooring behind the edge of the 1 x 4 trim board and a length along the backband to give us something to nail to and to cover the gap that would be there otherwise. The same will be true for our doors, they were salvaged from a plaster wall house and are thicker than my sheetrock walls. I didn’t want to cut the jambs down (we did on the bathroom however) so I will also have to use flooring to build around the doorways.

We put the storm on the bathroom window and will need to make a casement style window for the inside, our first idea from what to make it from? Of course! Flooring.