Saturday, February 28, 2009

There's a Hole In the Bucket!

I knew if I posted about the sink's cold water stem no longer leaking from the wall it would start again. So yesterday I took the entire assembly off AGAIN. I wrapped teflon tape around the cold stem AGAIN, I reassembled the whole faucet AGAIN. I was happy. Then as I was sitting at the breakfast nook table working on taxes, I noticed that the faucet was DRIPPING. Arrgh. I was right back to where I started a month ago. My thought was that sediment from the pipes had gotten into the stem and were keeping it from shutting tightly. So I spent the afternoon getting up and turning the water on and off every 20 minutes or so. When I got up this morning the sink was dry. But I'M NOT SAYING IT'S FIXED! For the record this is the 5th faucet I've installed in this sink in 4 years, but in my defense several were salvaged ones that I had to put on in a pinch...

The good news is that while I had the faucet off I was able to remove the plug for the third hole in the sink. The better news was that no water came spraying out of the pipe, but I was pretty confident since I knew that pipe ran down to the basement and was not connected to anything. Now I can jerry-rig something together for a soap dish.

So here's a little trip down memory lane of posts about the sink:

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Still Do Any Work Around Here?

To answer a persistent question, yes.

Here's an update on a project that actually has been completed. The issue that led to my recent rant regarding the kitchen faucet has been resolved. The not-repaired stem was inserted back into the faucet and failed completely a week later. I then paid a visit to my brother-in-law at the plumbing supply store to get a better quality faucet.

There was a Chicago brand faucet in stock, and after being satisfied that this would be the last faucet I installed for some time I bought it. My specific questions were:

  • Do the stems have rubber washers or ceramic?
  • Are the washers replacable?
  • Can I order new washers?
  • Can I get new stems?

Jim's answers were:

  • Both rubber and ceramic fit this model. If the rubber go bad quickly due to heavy use, replace with ceramic
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes

This answers made me very happy. Here is the faucet installed:

One week after I installed it I noticed rust stains from a drip at the cold tap:

I was of course fearing the worst as the supplies barely come up to the openings in the sink. But thankfully it was the connection between the adapter that fit onto the supply and the faucet itself that was not tight so I DID NOT have to disassemble the entire unit. I cleaned up the rust and it seems OK. (knock wood)

My only regret with this model doesn't have a built in post to add a soap dish. However I think that perhaps I can kill two birds with one stone here. In noticing the THIRD hole in the sink, there was a pipe for a cistern line originally. I can state with complete confidence that there NEVER was a cistern, as it isn't mentioned in the original contract, blueprints, or show anywhere in pictures. I do have original kitchen photos with a third faucet but it was likely just a dummy. There is no pipe coming down the back of the sink, nor is there any hole in the original floor for a pipe to go to the basement. I think if I can work the plug off and there is some little bit of pipe there I might be able to fashion some adapter and mount the soap dish from the previous faucet...

Friday, February 06, 2009

Bess' Diary Feb 6-7, 1933

Monday Feb. 6, 1933
40 down to 0

Ralph Wagner set up our jig saw. H over town for blades. Made freezer orange souffle, angel food, and salad. H cut out most of one puzzle + plugged.
Iowa 42 Chicago 12. Wind

Tuesday Feb,. 7, 1933

Blizzard. Over town at 10 to mail Grandma's birthday present. drained Prestone
H worked on jigsaw puzzle- broke 3 blades- Cards Carroms

Monday, February 02, 2009

Stereo View Diaries Feb. 2, 1933

I'm consolidating materials and now have both sets of diaries in the same room. Apparently Bess and Helen wanted to make jigsaw puzzles, hence the interest in a jig saw...

Bess' Diary Feb, 2, 1933

40 degrees Thursday
Assessor here. Fran phoned at 10 as we were getting up. Over town at 1:15 + looked at jig saws. H had lower twisted wisdom tooth out. I to Grace's for supper but H stayed home a tiny bit sick

Helen's Diary Feb. 2, 1933

Up at 10. Went over town about noon, Looked at saws, had lower left wisdom tooth out- all screwy! M. went to Grace's for dinner. I stayed home + finished pillow cases.

This might get interesting as I coordinate!