Monday, February 02, 2009

Stereo View Diaries Feb. 2, 1933

I'm consolidating materials and now have both sets of diaries in the same room. Apparently Bess and Helen wanted to make jigsaw puzzles, hence the interest in a jig saw...

Bess' Diary Feb, 2, 1933

40 degrees Thursday
Assessor here. Fran phoned at 10 as we were getting up. Over town at 1:15 + looked at jig saws. H had lower twisted wisdom tooth out. I to Grace's for supper but H stayed home a tiny bit sick

Helen's Diary Feb. 2, 1933

Up at 10. Went over town about noon, Looked at saws, had lower left wisdom tooth out- all screwy! M. went to Grace's for dinner. I stayed home + finished pillow cases.

This might get interesting as I coordinate!

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