Thursday, January 18, 2007

Out of Hibernation

Between finishing a lot of projects at home (we are now sleeping in our bedroom upstairs, and the sink in the first floot bathroom works), getting very busy at work, and breaking my digital camera, it's been a while since I've posted, however I'm back due to Stucco House having "tagged" me in a blog game where you must post five thing that others probably wouldn't know about you.

I've focused on what happens in our home renovation, so some things that certainly haven't come up here at Foxcroft:

1. I am a member of the Iowa Art's Council's "Iowa Artist Directory" The photo is now 15 years old, and the address isn't current, but that is me.

2. I can wiggle my ears. Sadly I was an adult before I discovered this talent.

3. I have an MA in school administration. I've worked as a 5th grade teacher, an elementary gifted ed program teacher, and as a staff development facilitator.

4. Growing up I was "not the handy one" in my family. As I often tell students "It's all about your norm group." It wasn't until I owned a house that I realized I could fix a lot of things. My younger brother, Tom, was, and still is, "the handy one."

5. I proposed to my wife next to her furnace. Granted she lived in a basement apartment at the time and what passed for the kitchen was a work sink in the basement next to the furnace, but that was where I proposed to her. In my defense, I would have done it at the restaurant where we had our first date, but she decided to invite her upstairs housemates along to dinner that night.