Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What’s the Difference Between a Bishop and a Carpenter?

One has a Cope and Mitre, the other cuts a cope or miter. Installing the baseboard has made me think religious thoughts. Here is a link to what I first thought of when considering how to cut the trim: Cope and Mitre.

Pete and I installed baseboard in the sun room and down the hallway on Sunday. I finished some more backband tonight so as soon as we backband the doorways inside the girls’ rooms we can start baseboards in both of those rooms. Then I need to get quarter round and we’ll be finished with installation and I can try to reglaze windows before it gets too cold

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Saving Time in a Bottle...

We "buried" our time capsule this weekend. The rough opening for Rowan’s door was too big, so it made a perfect space to place a time capsule before trimming the inside of the doorway. So I burned every digital photo I had of our second floor construction onto a CD, and put it into a plastic bag along with a letter saying who we were, and that all of us signed. Since we put it in Rowan’s room, she also wrote a separate note. We also enclosed xexox copies of the original blueprints for the house.

Here’s the bag with the CD and the letters:

And the blueprint copies:

And with the hole covered:

A funny story: I left several time capsules in our previous house, and when talking with Brian and Sarah, who bought our place, they told us about finding one, almost. I had left a 2 liter pop bottle with pictures of all of us and a letter in wall cavity when remodeling the bathroom. While on their honeymoon last fall, Brian and Sarah got a call from their contractor saying they had found a time capsule while they were working. Extremely excited when they came back from their trip the happy couple asked to see the time capsule, and the contractor sheepishly told them that after reading it they sealed it back in the wall!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Other 90% of Time...

A favorite quote of Mine: "The first 90% of the job takes 90% of the time, the last 10% of the job takes the OTHER 90% of the time."

I have baseboard stained and varnished. I had backband stained and varnished and yesterday Pete and I put up backband around the door casing we had installed. The salvaged backband was enough to do the bathroom, laundry, and hallway sides of the bedroom doors. Here's how it looks:

We also put backband around the window in the sitting room.

With this completed we can start to put baseboard up in the sitting room and the hallways.

Last night Carl, my neighbor, delivered more backband that he milled from 5/4 stock that I had. This should be just about enough to do the bedroom doors on the inside. I'll need to start staining and varnishing again...