Tuesday, March 22, 2005

In the beginning...

... we knew this was the house for us. It was a complicated purchasing situation, there was a life estate involved, meaning we'd own the house but not be able to live in it for an indefinite period of time. However this was the first house that Lisa answered "yes" to when I would put the inevitable question to her: "Is this place triple our mortgage payment better?" I agreed, so we bought it December 31, 2003. Helen, our life tenant, was 92 years old at the time. She was 18 when her widowed mother built the place in 1928. In the ensuing year we gardened in the back and got to know a little of her story, as well as that of her cousin who also lived in the home and was Helen's caretaker. Helen passed away December 5, 2004. And now that the estate sale has been completed we are starting to work at getting the house ready for us. In the past two weeks we have:
  • Removed ceiling paper from the back bedroom
  • Stripped and revarnished the back bedroom and ajoining sewing room's woodwork
  • Removed the add-on closet to the front bedroom
  • Removed old carpeting
  • Cleared 10 dead and or volunteer trees from the backyard
  • Washed more walls and windows than the Merry Maids!

There will be lots to comment on and keep you up to date with but this is a start.


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