Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Just In Time To Shut Them!

I realized that if I want to start stripping floors upstairs I need to be able to have the windows open without allowing bugs/birds/bats all get in too. I've had the new upstairs screens and storms sitting since October, but I needed to paint them. I started on that on Thursday night, so that on Saturday I installed the two in the front gable. Here they are:

They are nice, I was able to get Pete to help me put up the screens in Rowan's room on Monday. I needed help to hold the ladder. In the front I could just stand on the roof.

Laurel's screens are dry and can go up as soon as I move scaffolding and the ladder around the house. The screens for the new gable in back are ready too, but can't go on until we build the trim around the window so that they can be hung.

As soon as I get a start on the floor I'll also need to be painting storms too. The double hung windows are in serious need of work before next winter. With one storm up in the summer I can take out the upper and lower windows and reglaze, stain and varnish them before cold weather.

Also, since I now have screens the temp has hit 90+ degrees so I closed all the windows and turned on the air!

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StuccoHouse said...

Those screens look very nice!