Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Friend Flicka* Flicker

*with apologies to Mary O’Hara
I’ve been watching the bird feeders pretty closely this week, trying to get some good pictures. We have a “thistle” (niger) feeder that hangs from the bargeboard near the kitchen nook window. That feeder is usually chock full of goldfinches, now in their winter muted yellow/brown. I love watching the finches, they are the state bird of Iowa. At our old place, in 19 years of bird feeding I think I had a grand total of two finches. Here at Foxcroft I get 10+ every day. However I can't seem to get a good photo no matter what...

The other feeder is set on top of the birdbath/moss planter. With a winter bird mix feed we get all the usual suspects: juncos, cardinals, sparrows and chickadees.

However this week I've been looking for our new spectacular specimen:

Can I just say that maybe I should clean the windows before taking more pictures?

I was sure he was a flicker, (hence the catchy title) but after a quick google search I’m pretty sure he is a red bellied woodpecker. He is great fun to watch as he goes between the hackberry tree and the feeder:

Helen used to put out enormous 5 lb. blocks of suet, our suet feeders are much smaller.

Laurel and I saw an owl Thursday night in the huge white pines in the neighbor’s yard.


Sandy said...

How cool! I just love owls! Whatever the little red-headed bird is, he is beautiful!

Kate H. said...

Definitely a woodpecker. Which type, I'd have to look up. But woodpecker for sure.

Maybe I should try a separate finch feeder. I've seen only 1 goldfinch at my feeder in four years here in southwestern PA. Maybe specific food would attract them.

Bungalow Jo said...

Yes, a male red-bellied woodpecker.