Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mardi Gras Success

We had a great time with our Mardi Gras dinner. (see previous post) Everyone was able to come in spite of the weather. We have had a pretty hard week: no school Monday due to heavy snow and big winds causing drifts. We dismissed early Tuesday due to impending freezing rain, and no school Wednesday due to Tuesday's storm that lasted through Wednesday. This week we've gotten 20+ inches of snow plus some ice (I know to the Minnesotans that doesn't seem like much)

We had mask making and Ellie had the hands down best one:

We had great food and of course beads:

And Ellie found the baby Jesus (masquerading as a blue dinosaur) in her King cake so her family will host next year.


Sandy said...

How did you put your "counter" on your page? I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to do it.

Mike said...

Hey Sandy,

If you click on the counter itself it is a link to the program:

Stat Counter offers free accounts and give some simple information about visitors. You do need to create an account and then you'll get a piece of html code to put on your blog.

jm said...

Whoever that is wearing a gold lame shirt is a GOD!!!

Mike said...


You better believe it. That is Art's Mardi Gras shirt. I get to see if once a year. He definitely has the panache to make it work.s

Sandy said...

Thanks, Mike! I did it! It was easy (even if I didn't understand some of the options - just went on their recommendations).