Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12 1930-35

Entries from Bess' Daily Diary for today


1930 Wed. White Shrine picnic dinner. H played her accordion

1931 50 Thurs. Wash. H + I to movie "Kiss Me Again" Home at 4:30. H to rifle practice. Shower at 8.

1932 20 Sat. Nice bright day but still cold. Up at 9 Made cream puffs + orange shebert. H, Buff + I home alone all day. H covered roses Shower at 9. Chains off

1933 68 Sun. 20 more puzzle pieces. Wrote chain letter + 3 others H and Hildegarde cooked picnic supper then roller skated til 8:30. Heard Roosevelt give a good talk on banking. Shower at 10.

1934 64 Mon. Mr. Floyd bushed 6 more pram ship. (?) Nice box from Aunt May. Worked on Scout decorations + Amy's pillow slips. H ordered 56.00 records- H to movie evening.

The number after the year is the high temperature for the day. H is always Bess' daughter, Helen. Rifle practice was for the University of Iowa's women's rifle team. Roosevelt's "good talk on banking" was FDR's very first "fireside chat." Helen was an adult leader for the local Girl Scout troop. I have no idea what "Mr. Floyd bushed 6 more pram ship." is about, Bess' handwriting is not always easy to read.


PlantingOaks said...

Any idea what 'chains off' refers to? This is priceless.

Mike said...

I know that one immediately: She took the chains off the car tires since the snow was starting to melt. I should have listed that in there too.

Derek said...

I didn't know that roller skating was popular in the 30's. The difference in temperature between years is quite dramatic.