Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Look at Somebody Else's House!

Not that I don't want you looking here, but the Friends of Historic Preservation will have their 2nd Annual Parade of Historic Homes on Sunday May 18th, from 1-5 PM.

Here is a little bit about each of this year's tour sites:

1. Summit Apartment Building 228 S. Summit St

(image from
Two apartments from the 1916 Summit Apartment building will be open. Summit Apartments were the first apartments built in Iowa City. The Summit Apartment Building is the only known work in the state of Iowa by noted Prairie School architect Parker Nobel Berry (1888-1918). Berry was chief designer for Louis Sullivan for more than eight years and is said to have possessed one of the finest talents in Prairie School architecture. However, due to his untimely death at the age of 30, his work is virtually unknown.

2. Isaac Wetherby Cottage 611 N. Governor St.

The recently moved Isaac A. Wetherby Cottage will be open and there will be a Power Point presentation inside. Isaac A. Wetherby was the first photographer to take a picture of the Old Capitol in 1854. He also photographed many well-known Iowans such as Governor Samuel Kirkwood. The owner of the cottage, Marybeth Slonnegar has documented the history of Isaac A. Wetherby. She invites anyone with a Wetherby photograph in their collection to bring it along to be scanned into a database of Wetherby images. Architectural Historian, Marlin Ingalls will also be on hand to explain how he documented the structural history of the Wetherby Cottage. Marlin is an unbelieveable resource and listening to him is an experience not to be missed!

3. 1011 Woodlawn

(image from Iowa City Assessor site)
Also on the tour is the prominent Italianate house located at 1011 Woodlawn that was built in 1888 by Amos Hiatt. This property was damaged during the tornado of 2006 and has been beautifully repaired and painted.

4. 225 N. Lucas St.

The four square located at 225 North Lucas Street has been sympathetically updated by its current owners. Under construction is a new kitchen for Press Citizen food columnist Michael Knock.

5. 160 N. Linn St. (2-5 PM only)

(image from Iowa City Assessor site)
The newly re-located Motley Cow restaurant demonstrates adaptive re-use of historic materials.

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Mike said...

Mike Wright here, Mike. The photo on your blog for 225 N. Lucas is most definitely not 225 N. Lucas. Sadly, our beloved 225 doesn't look that good yet!