Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Only Thing We Have to Fear...

Bess' Diary March 4, 1933:


Heard Roosevelt Inaugural all day - Crochet - H got Muscatine warrant for $30.00 All banks in U.S. closed for a few days - Heard Iowa 16 Ill 44 - a terrible mess of a game.

Comments: 1932 was the first election in which Helen was eligible to vote. She told me her plan was to go and vote for William Z. Foster (communist party candidate) but at the last minute she chickened out and voted, as her mother Bess did, for former Iowan Herbert Hoover. Bess' diary for Nov. 8, 1932 says she was glad Roosevelt won.

I'm also amused by Bess being more upset about the University of Iowa Hawkeyes' basketball loss to the Fighin' Illini of U. of Illinois than she was about the bank holiday.

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