Friday, April 17, 2009

The Fish Letters #3

November 25, 1933

My dear Miss Fox:

Your aquarium and stand with all the other accessories, plants and heater were shipped on Wednesday November 22nd. We could have shipped the fish now but owing to the fact that they may have been stranded over the weekend we decided to postpone the shipment until Monday November 27th. We shall rush them to you in an insulated thermos jug.

We trust that the aquarium and other accessories reached you in good condition and also that you will have the aquarium set and planted, having the proper temperature so that the fish may be placed in the aquarium when they arrive.

If the temperature of the water in the jug should be low, increase it gradually to 75 degrees before the fish are placed in the aquarium prior to putting the fish in. We would also suggest that you add 2 or three tablespoonfuls of Turk’s Island Sea Salt.

Yours very truly,

J T Charleson (signature)


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Old House Junky said...

I grew up going to Trickers! It's a great place!