Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Yet Another Narrow Escape From Burning the House Down

When we first bought Foxcroft and discovered both A Lifetime Supply of Cardboard, and realized that the fireplace had nearly a foot of ashes in it, we shook our heads and wondered just how it was that the place hadn't ever burned down.

I've been scaping and painting at the peak of the the gable end on the south side of the house. Our second floor dryer vent is located up there. I noticed that there was grass sticking out of the vent door. I also removed an extensive sparrow nest from the top lookout box. I reached my hand in and pulled out quite a bit of grass. I then went down and told Lisa, who said, "THAT's why the clothes haven't been drying!" At that point I knew I'd need to take apart the vent.

I climbed into the attic, scuttled across the rafters and pulled apart the vent:

Then I pulled off the elbow:

Then after removing that pulled out from the straight portion:

And being the compulsive fatalist that I am, re-assembled the whole mess back outside on the ground. Yes the entire length is a little over two feet:

I am sleeping a little less soundly these days, but the dryer is working much better, thank you.


Gene said...

It's a wonder that didn't catch fire.

Anonymous said...

lol @ "being the compulsive fatalist that I am..." I can SO relate to this thinking!

So glad you discovered and remedied this problem before any damage was done.