Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Communication: 19th-21st Centuries

I must say it is satisfying, in that ying/yang balance of life sort of way, to direct a University Heights citizen to the municipal website by talking to them on a candlestick telephone.

In my new life as a city councilor I am the chair of the "e-government" committee. I am also the complete staff of the e-government department. This means I am now in charge of our municipal website. The image below links to the site:

I have done some minimal re-arranging of the site, and created a method for citizens to subscribe to updates, but nothing too fancy. I am firmly in favor of boring but functional.

You may also notice a link to a public meeting next week to gather input for revisions to the comprehensive plan. Things should be very interesting for the forseeable future.


Rob said...

Please... your first objective as chair of the e-committee should be to get live internet streaming of the council meetings, to be enjoyed by those of us too far away to attend! I mean, you do want full transparency, don't you??

Mike said...


Let's see how Coralville's experiment in live streaming goes first. Would you volunteer to come and set it up?

Rob said...

After our debacle this weekend shooting our first show, you don't want me anywhere near your new technology!