Tuesday, April 05, 2005

On the road...

There are those times when rather than spend every available moment working on your home, you go out and do those things that earn extra income so that you can afford to work on your home. For me, this week is one of those times.

I am in Coffeyville, Kansas, spending a week as an artist in residence sponsored by the local community college. This week consists of me performing once at the community college, spending a day at a local high school, and averaging about three performances a day at local nursing homes. I've been here once before, and thoroughly enjoyed my time. The people are friendly and appreciative, and I rather enjoy being referred to as the "Humanities fella"

One of the serendipitous joys of doing these residencies is that you get to walk around completely unfamiliar neighborhoods. Coffeyville is full of great old victorians and A&C bungalows and craftsman houses. Some are quite grand, and if you could live anywhere, prices are dirt cheap.

My only regret is that two of the most famous homes in the area, the Brown Mansion, a 1905 Georgian with original furnishings, currently a museum, is not open during week days in April; Also closed now is the Laura Ingalls Wilder cabin museum, a replica of the "Little House on the Prairie" in its original location near Independence.

Next month I'll spend a week in Mason City, IA home of the world's only planned Prairie style subdivision, and also the site of the only extant Frank Lloyd Wright hotel, which is currently for sale. I will remember to bring the digital camera then!

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