Wednesday, April 06, 2005

VERY Little House on the Prairie

I just returned from visiting the Ingalls cabin (of "Little House on the Prairie" fame) replica museum located between Coffeyville and Independence, KS. The place is refreshingly non-commercial. There is a grand total of 1 sign marking where to turn to see it. The cabin is on the site of the original and has an old post office and school house moved onto the site as well. The cabin has one room and in stepping it off must be about 18 x 15 feet. To think that two adults, two children, and a third that was born there all lived in that space. It makes you wonder about how much room we really need. It also makes me wonder when figuring out how often the Ingalls moved and how far they went (Wisconsin to Minnesota to Kansas to South Dakota and back to Wisconsin and Iowa) that Ma didn't kill Pa or leave him when he proposed about the third move!

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Kristin said...

Oh, how I loved the Little House books. Now I want to visit Kansas, just to see this little spot.