Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New Lid

Here are some pics of the new roof. The roofers finished started the new on Thursday and had it finished on Friday. They started the tear off on the front and have been delayed a bit by rain as well as having to replace some decking around the valleys on either side of the front gable, as well as the beadboard in the overhang over the front porch.

Over the weekend Lisa's folks took the girls and we worked in the living room, we painted the ceiling, finished stripping the doorways, windows, and baseboard, stained and varnished the mantle and bookshelves. I'll stain the rest of the woodwork today, and since it's nice and cool will be able to start varnishing tonight. Next I'll strip the floor and cover it, then paint the walls, and finish the floor. With any luck the room will be done by the end of next weekend, which is good because then we'll need to focus our attention on the old place and finish emptying it. We found a very nice couple to buy the place and close on August 1!

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Anonymous said...

Where are the pictures of the beautiful children and your beautiful bride? huh? we would to see the new landscaping in the yard and the livingroom and library room with furniture.