Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Little Bit of Completion

Since the builders won't be back until tomorrow, after taking a well deserved week off, and the weather has been bedeviling my roofers, there aren't a lot of great construction pictures. However, Lisa and I managed to finish the libraray/music room this week and start to move things into it. Here's a picture from before:

Here's a currrent shot, while it really doesn't look much different, we did repaint in Ruskin Room Green from Sherwin Williams A&C color palette. We also stripped the windows, baseboard and floor. I patched the holes where I removed the radiator. Since we'll be doing the living room next, we will now pack this room full of boxes and furniture. The chair was up in the attic, and I threw a blanket over it. The wicker couch has a matching chair and rocker, we brought those from Van Buren St. Eventually they will go in the sitting room upstairs.

The feature everyone notices are the bookcases. The room was built to accommodate these with enough space on one side for Bess to put her folding card tables. She bought the bookcases long before building Foxcroft. We have the catalogs she ordered from, they are from the Weis company. While we purchased the bookcases separately from buying the house, we were able to keep the any of the books in them that we wanted. I selected mostly the Iowa Historical Society publications, along with several series including O. Henry, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Modern American Humor. We will also start filling them with books from the Van Buren bookshelves.


Jocelyn said...

I love the bookshelves and I like your chair too. Nice room. We plan to have a wall of books in our den when we get to that room. In the meantime, my books remain in storage...sniff!

jon said...

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jon said...

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