Wednesday, June 15, 2005

We Passed!

The building inspector came yesterday morning and approved the holes for the footings in the basement, and the posts in the walls on first floor. I was teaching so I didn't get to be present. My crew said the only thing he really wanted to know was did they build the new basement stairs? They answered no, that was the new owner and there was a father-in-law involved also, which apparently satisfied the inspector that he was dealing with capable builders. (The stairs replaced an even worse set, and were done in one afternoon, and yes they seem a little crooked and have a big step at the bottom!)

We made the channels for the in-floor LAMS yesterday and today will be putting up the ones that will go at the ceiling along the top of the stairway. I tooks some photos but forgot to bring the camera home.

I also took the last load of brush to the dump and managed to have the gate of the trailer fall off as I was leaving. A carriage bolt had worked loose and fell somewhere, I couldn't find it, but managed to heave the gate onto the bed of the trailer at an angle that was stable enough to get it back to the house. I took a good deal of abuse back at Foxcroft for doing that. The trailer is an ancient one of Taryl's that we have all used for various projects. I hauled a total of 10 tons of limestone in it when building the patio in our current home.

I really should do an entry about my crew. Perhaps I'll post this and work on it now.

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