Saturday, June 11, 2005

Making Our Points (We're on the LVL)

Friday's job was to locate the four load points that will carry the weight of the gable down to the foundation. Since the gable will not extend all the way to the exterior wall in back there will be in floor LVL beams that span from the exterior wall to the load bearing wall on the interior.

On the exterior wall those points fell
•Above the back door

•Just to the north of the windows in the back bedroom

On the interior wall those points fell:
•In the wall between the kitchen and dining room

•Right at the corner of the hallway leading upstairs

So the crew started chalking lines, cutting plaster, getting engineered lumber (LVL) for the header to carry the point from above the back door to around both sides. Figuring where the open the the shingles from outside the house so as to not have to open plaster in the one room I've already completed. Of course everywehere we needed to go had light switches, or outlets, corner bead, or other interesting challenges.

What did I do during all this? I dropped two more loads of trash from the attic into the truck and hauled away, along with all the big plaster from the closet. I showed our current home to another prospective buyer, and did toenail in the last 2x4 beam next to the back door (I bent it over at the end, dammit)

Monday we will finish the posts.


Becky said...

All that progress must be so exciting. Your pictures make me want to hang up the internet, call our carpenter, and get his butt down here and working on my porches.

Mike said...

It helps to be friends with the people that are working for you. Plus at the end of a school year, they want nothing more than to be physical for a while. Thanks for the kind words!