Friday, June 17, 2005

A Little Off the Top, Please

Yesterday I was on the roof tearing off shingles and Lisa was getting her hair cut. Guess which one of us ended up in the doctor's office getting stitches?

We did a lot yesterday. Here is a shot at 9:30 with our bracing up at the spot where we would cut into the roof for the gable:

John went home last night and worked out all the framing details for the gable and rough opening for the window:

We marked our corners on the inside of the roof and drilled holes through to the outside so we would have points to snap a chalk line on to mark our tear off area. Then we sent Pete up with a saw to cut through the shingles only:

John suggested cutting a portal so we wouldn't have to go up and down the ladder:

There were a full three layers of shingles on the roof:

That really boogered up the saw blades so we decided to go for lunch, get more blades, and call Taryl's son Eric to hire him for the afternoon tearing off shingles. We he came we went back to work:

Lisa came by and expressed her approval, she dropped Laurel with me and went to get a haircut. After getting the whole area stripped Taryl said he didn't like getting his picture taken:

Eric, Pete and I finished loading the truck, and Pete, Laurel and I went to the dump:

We came back in time to see the last rafter being cut after all the sheathing had been removed:

It was time to go and dance in the new sitting room, which happened to coincide with our afternoon doughnut break (see Pete's hand):

While we had been working in the morning John had been framing the outer wall, as well as helping tear off. Now we were ready to put the frame in place:

We covered it with a tarp and called it a day:

Today we will do the side framing and begin rafters.

Yes, Lisa's stylist was razor cutting around her ear and slipped, sending her to the doc for two stitches. The haircut was free.


heather said...

ACK! I was so waiting to see a photo of you with a bandaged hand. Poor Lisa...I hope the visit to the doctor was covered by the salon as well!

Serendipity House said...

Wow! Awesome pictures! And great job! Can't wait to see the finished product!! Tell Lisa I feel for her...been there, done that. :(


merideth said...

wow! that photo from the inside looking out over the framing through the big hole is fantastic! The leavy green of the outside framed by the gable cutout...nice! I'm so excited for your projects!