Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Getting Decked, Or Raise High the Barge Beam, Carpenters

With a tip of the hat to J.D. Salinger for the second title, I'll talk about getting decked today. The crew finished the rafter braces and worked on getting the barge beam into place. Since I haven't posted since Friday, here's how the place looked this morning:

To remind you, here's how it looked on Wednesday:

John worked out the birdsmouth cuts for the barge board. The lookouts will have 6" x 6" boxes built off the the posts that we placed yesterday. Shimming and trimming were the order of the day in getting it just right:

After the barge boards were set it was time to put up the facia board on the rafter tails so that we could start to put down the decking. Taryl came to pull on the last rafter tail as I was face nailing the facia board. When I straightened up to put my hammer in the loop on my overalls, my foot slipped under all the shingle crap we had knocked loose. I threw my hand out to catch the rafter tail and of course the hammer in my hand decks Taryl right in the temple. After that we decided to go to lunch.

I was worried that Taryl wouldn't speak to me after that, but it wasn't the case and he even paid for everyone's lunch. We're deciding now whether or not to do that to him every time before lunch, or make a rule that whoever gets hit pays...

After lunch John planed the corner off the facia to make sure the decking would lay down squarely on the rafter tails, and we start putting up the beadboard decking:

After getting the beadboard down we worked at getting the 3/4 ply decking over the rest, then went back and glued and nailed 7/16 deck over the beadboard to make a sandwich the same thickness as the 3/4 decking. Here's a picture with everything but the cripple cut pieces to the valley of the gable:

While we worked today the roofer came and parked his trailer for the tearoff in the driveway turn around, and the geothermal driller came and dropped off 5 200' lengths of plastic tubing that will be buried in the yard. He is supposed to begin tomorrow (Wednesday) and roof tearoff starts Thursday. F & L plan to button up the walls tomorrow and get the hell out of Dodge for a while. Thankfully I'll be teaching tomorrow and won't be endangering any of my workers.

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