Monday, June 27, 2005

Sewing, Blowing and Throwing

Friday was another busy day at Foxcroft. Unfortunately, due to a camera malfunction I can't show you pics of anything that happened. Oh, well.

McNair finished their drilling on Thursday by threading the last 200 foot loop and then running a pipe under the house and into the basement. On Friday they came with a back hoe and dug an 8 foot deep trench about 25 feet long to sew the 5 loops together and tie them into the line to the house.

After the pipes were connected they were presseure checked (air blown into the system and metered) to make sure there were no leaks anywhere. Since it was all good their next step will be to come back and fill the loops with liquid.

While this was all happening my roofers came and started their tear off by throwing old shingles into the dumpster parked in the turn around. Nagle Lumber came with their boom truck and delivered half the shingles, I think when they come to drop the other half I will have them lift my clawfoot bathtub that is currently in the garage in through the window just above the turn around.

Over the weekend Lisa and I have put down two coats of varnish in the library/music room, started painting the cupboard interiors in the kitchen, and the basement walls.

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