Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Is This Hosta Heaven?

No, it's Iowa. Here are two pics of the hostas on the Northwest side of the house

We were lucky to see them in bloom when we came home from vacation in North Carolina, visiting my youngest brother and his wife. Jim is a film maker, take a look at some of his work here:“Bright Eye Pictures”

We had a great week in Durham and Wilmington. We saw lots of great houses and had much fun with Jim and Joyce!


StuccoHouse said...

Wow, and I thought I had a lot of hostas in my yard! Very pretty.

Mike said...

Well, we have more scattered around the house, but that side is a continous bank from the street to the back edge, about 100 feet. I forgot to mention in the post that that Bess' good friend was Gretchen Harshbarger and nationally published gardening author and hosta breeder with several varieties credited to her. I'm pretty sure most of these came from her. When Gretchen started her landscape architecture business she used the field on the other side of our driveway as for her bedding plants.