Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It Sure Looks Finished

John came yesterday, after the rain stopped, to complete the trim in the gable end of the new dormer. I was the only other one working, so I got to run the saw for miter and bevel cuts while he measured and placed. I also hit all the exposed end grain with wood hardener before pieces were attached.

We started by working right and left of the center pieces we placed on Friday

Then we worked on the left side

We were nearly finished when of course it started raining again. We tarped the saw and wood and went to meet Pete and Taryl for lunch. They are installing a new bay window for another teacher at their school.

We came back and worked on the right side

John's wife, also a teacher, came by with their two daughters to see the finishing touches. John put all the kid's names on the back side of the last board in the corner before placing it

After we packed up all John's tools and they took off I went and hung the screens so that we can really open the window without dealing with the slide in screens

All that is left to put up is cove molding between the dentils and bed molding over the rake boards butting up to the beadboard in the overhang. Then I'll prime, caulk and finish paint.

The really good news is that it looks like no rain today for the first time in two weeks. Tonight we are hosting a reception for the team of architectural historians in town to conduct interviews as part of the renewal of the Iowa City historic preservation plan


Greg said...

That looks very, very nice!

merideth said...

wow! that looks just beautiful! nice work.

Mike said...

Thanks to you both, I am very pleased with it too!

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot! Your mention that John is married and with two small children has ruined one of my fantasies. After seeing various shots of your carpenter from "behind", I decided he's really hot and was going to ask for his number. I guess I'll just have to keep looking. Oh, by the way, the dormer looks great! Could we see side-by-side comparison shots of the front (old) and back (new)?