Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Skinny Shingle Dipping

I dipped shingles yesterday. I set up lines in the back yard, put down a tarp, and went at it. It seems pretty simple. I went through 2 bundles yesterday, I have 5 more to go to get enough stained for the new gable. Our timeline is to start on that next week with yet another F&L Construction (Faith & Love, or Fear & Loathing, take your pick) reunion planned.

I put the shingles into the 5 gallon bucket of stain, thick end down, and then brushed the rest to get excess back into the bucket. I then laid them on top of my pile of shingles until I had a 8 or so then hung them up. By doing that it seems most of the excess either goes into the bucket or onto my next group of shingles, rather than the tarp or the lawn. I’ll need to get another 5 gallons of stain I think because I’m approaching the halfway point in my bucket and it’s much faster when it’s nearly full.

Today looks like rain so I won’t be out doing more, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be idle. When I took my afternoon break yesterday and went to sit on the front porch I was greated by a large stack of boxes. The stripper pads for the floor buffer arrived from the janitorial supply house:

I could start stripping varnish off the floors this morning, or I could finish sanding and start to stain the 12 upstairs door casings. The sides are all done and we just need to finish the ones that go above the doors. My thought is that it’s much easier to do it now before we start on the floors.

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