Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pass the Hash

Here's some follow up to recent posts:

Backyard paths:

I talked to the neighbor's son about their rocks and got the go ahead to use them. It turns out the parents were rock hounds who took vacations specifically to get rocks. There are lots of geodes, quartz, very cool fossils, and a bunch of stuff I don't have a clue as to what it is. I have lined most of the backyard flower beds, and they look great. Some have been sawed open, and a few polished as well.

Upstairs floors:

I tried Pete's parents buffer and it will work to scrub off the old varnish. It is much lighter than the rental buffers which is good since I had to carry it upstairs. Also not having to pay daily is a huge plus. With luck we'll start this coming week.

In a side note I saw Pete's folk's last night at a gig my band played in Dubuque. For the second year in a row we were entertainmnet for TOMRV (Tour of the Mississippi River Valley) a grueling two day bike ride. Saturday went from Rock Island IL, north along the river through Galena then over to Dubuque, more than 80 miles of serious hills. Sunday took them down the Iowa side of the river to Davenport. Making yesterday tougher than usual was 25 mph headwinds, hard rain and temps in the 50's. Not many people finished. We played at the overnight site of Clarke College.

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chaindropz said...

Rocks can be valuable. Some are very hard to identify.