Friday, March 02, 2007

Here is the Upstairs with PICTURES!

Since we had our official upstairs party last week, I've heard a clamor (yes in my book two people asking counts as a clamor. So for my brother Jim and Stucco House, both of whom have GREAT blogs and very cool projects) Here are some pictures.

Most of the upstairs has been finished for a while, at New Year's we finished the master bedroom and moved into it. I told Lisa it felt like we were vacationing at an inn to be able to sleep somewhere new while on vacation. Here are shots of the master from the three corners I could easily stand in. (I didn't want to go stand behind the bed)

The master is in the front gable, the only space that was somewhat defined when we started. The room is 15 x 15 so we had plenty of space to put the bed on the diagonal, which is the same way I laid the floor. The bed I bought from my grandparent's estate sale, the black trunk held everything my great-great grandparents and their 7 children brought to America from Luxembourg in 1880. Lisa's dressing table and matching chest of drawers (it isn't pictured) came from her grandparents.

The closed door in the last picture goes into our closet. Here are some pics of that:

The closet is 8 x 7 and is in the eaves so the ceiling height drops from 8 feet down to 5 1/2 feet. I really like dressing and undressing here, the bedroom is kept so much neater. We have another door in our bedroom(not shown) on the wall opposite the one that leads to this closet. That door goes into a slightly bigger closet that is primarily younger daughter's, but we will put a few storage things there.

The door inside the closet leads to "deep storage"

"Deep storage" is also 8 x 7 but with a ceiling height of 5 1/2 feet dropping to 2 feet, it doesn't feel quite so big.

One last item to show from our bedroom is the Valentine's Day present I gave Lisa, a light for her side of the bed:

It is an antique and all original, but I have ordered new wire from Sundail wire to re-do it soon. It looks good on the wicker table.

Walking from our bedroom back toward the back of the house here are the girl's bedrooms:

Our 9 year old's room complete with shag area rug, lava lamp, and round chair

5 year old's packed with dolls...

And at the back of the house is the sitting room created by the new gable we put on the back:

As I get older I really like the idea of putting as much wicker (easy to carry) upstairs as possible. Upcoming posts will need to deal with the big cupboard and the old photos.


Leslie said...


Consider this an additional clamor for more pictures!

Kathy said...

Your bedroom really does look like a B&B. It gorgeous.

StuccoHouse said...

I just can not get over how original it looks! Your ceiling slant is so tall. The dagonal floor is great. And those closets are to die for. Lava lamp, purple walls, shag carpet....I like your 9 yrs old's taste, although sadly I lived through that trend the first time around ;-) Very nice!

Tom said...

I really have no idea of what I am doing here ! Blogs are something totally new to me. I really appreciate what you are doing at Foxcroft and applaud you for helping to retain part of America past.
I really would like to know more about the toliet with a sink in it. I would like to see a picture or two of it and try to understand how it worked. Also did you retain it ? As for the seal being gone, I would doubt that inasmuch as the house was built in "28" I don't know if wax rings were even available then, prehaps a poured lead seal ?
Please excuse any errors I have made here, its all new territory here to me. Tom

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