Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm on Vacation?

It's Spring Break this week, so I've started on the dining room floor. I haven't had a good step by step process post in a while, so here we go. The first thing I needed to do was move out the chairs, some of which ended up in the library

Then I put the dining room table in the living room. I unloaded the buffet and put the boxes in the library. Then I put a rug under the buffet, and with Lisa steering, I pushed it into the living room too.

Since we took out the radiators when we put in the geothermal system I needed to patch the holes in the floor. The holes look like this:

I started by splitting the wood between the hole and the baseboard and getting it out. On one side one board was completely cut and another was slightly cut.I removed the completely cut board first.

I then took out the other one, luckily it was a short one so I removed the whole board.

Then I took my dremel and cut the other board even with the first

The other side was easy because only one board was cut by the pipe. I took out the cut part and did a dremel cut for an even line.

Since Pete took his saws home I couldn't cut the replacement boards. I also took the girls to stay with their grandparents tonight. When I got back home I started stripping the floor.

Lisa worked a half day, so when she came home she started in too.

Once we were nearly over the floor once I went to rent a sander for tomorrow and go to Pete's to cut floor boards. To get these to fit in I needed to bevel the groove side so that it will slip into place. After I cut the boards I gave Pete a ride to get his car at the garage, and brought back his compressor and finish nailer. I put the boards into place and nailed them in. Here's how they looked after stipping them.

To finish we used the floor buffer with rough nylon pads then with fine pads. Here is the floor after we were finished

And once it was all done we let our newest family member take a stroll through. This is Hailey, we got her at the animal shelter on Dec. 30th. She is five years old and is some kind of lab mix. She is truly a wonderful dog.

Tomorrow I will put the baseboard in that we took out to put the
support columns in the wall back in June of 2005. then I'll sand everthing very lightly and stain.

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