Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Blog Before Foxcroft...

I was looking around last night for some digital pics of our work upstairs for the house tour Sunday and stumbled across my website for our previous house. This site wasn't a blog as much as a visual documentation of what we were doing, with not so much commentary. If I were starting it today as a blog, I'd name it "BrewWorkings" or something to that effect. That home's early inhabitants were teh family of a third generation brewmaster at the Union Brewery in Iowa City, William Graf. Being a college town, beer has been a major part of the local scene since the 1850's when Graf's grandfather came to Iowa City from Germany. I bought the home from the widow of William's younger son. (So far we've tended to only live in homes where we are the second family) We were still living in BrewWorkings when I started Foxcroft. I've made occasional references to it in the past, but maybe it's time to really give the place it's due. I stopped updating this site in 2003.

Much of the success we've had at Foxcroft can be attributed to the trials and errors that we made at BrewWorkings. One of the great attractions of Foxcroft was that the first floor was nearly identical in its layout to BrewWorkings. We used the basic model of second floor when creating Foxcroft's upstairs.

Here is the front page of the site:
Our IC Craftsman

House History

Our postage stamp back yard that we planted heavily:
Yard and Flowers

Working to solve drainage issues, and building a limestone patio (Pete is pictured with me):
Digging and moving

I took me six years to paint the house
Summer 03 painting

Some shots front and back
Misc. Exteriors

Oldest pics are here, from 1992
Kitchen and Bathroom Projects

Looking a little better:
Finished kitchen

A quick view of downstairs
General Interior

The built-ins we hated to leave
Dining room

My first real building project
Office Shelves

Major How To part ONE
Music Room floor

Major How To part TWO
Papering Music Room

A few more pictures
Upstairs Page

It was the little things, really
Details Page

It was a great home, and we found a great family to take it over. I was content that we left it better than we had found it.

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