Friday, May 04, 2007

I My Landfill

I put down 2.3 truck loads of mulch today. The best part (besides how it looks) is that it was all free. Our local landfill grinds up all the tree limbs that people bring to them along with any that are left for curbside pickup and all trees that are damaged and must be removed by the city. The wood chip mulch is then free to anyone who wants it. For years at our old place I'd drive to a pick up point the city maintained on the southeast side, fill up my two garbage cans with mulch, and would be set for the year. Moving to Foxcroft meant a BIG upgrade in how much mulch I'd need.

Fortunately we are only about 2 miles from the landfill itself, and if you drive to the landfill proper and ask for mulch you can drive your truck out and they will LOAD it via an endloader while you sit in your truck and then you can drive away.

Today being my day off, I borrowed Pete's truck and came home with the first load:

I started wheelbarrowing it around and went back about 10:30 for a second loard. I got a third load at 12:30 and finished about 1:30. I used two full loads and about a third of the last load. Since Pete loaned his truck, he wanted about 2/3 of a load for his place so that's what I left him. I got most of the front hill and the part between the front and the turn around in the driveway covered.

I estimate I'll need about three more loads to do all the beds in back too.

The city now will take upainted nail free non-treated lumber to grind as well. Last year there were so many trees damaged by the April tornado the city DOUBLE GROUND all their wood to entice more people to come get it. The mountains of chips last year were staggering.

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