Friday, July 06, 2007

Take That, Woody!

I have the larger section of the eaves in back nearly finished so now it's time to get ready to re-stain the shingles. I washed them yesterday to clear off the muck. According to the repair notebook the house was last stained in 1984.

Helen (Bess' daughter) was very much the naturalist so that nothing was ever trimmed or cut back. Consequently many trees were allowed to grow over the house and the back was covered with an out of control trumpet vine. This all means there is a lot of woodpecker damage to the shingles.

On the advice of an excellent fix it guy, I went to the local brick/stone place yesterday and bought a tube of NP-1 masonry adhesive/sealant. I got brown pretty close to the color of the shingles:

Here is the biggest hole in the back:

I filled it with the sealant:

I used a leftover piece of shingle as my putty knife, this helps to ensure that there will be ridges in the patch like the shingle itself rather than being smooth. My hope is that this will make the patches less noticeable.

Here it is after dragging down over the hole:

I then took my shingle-knife and dragged back up:

I also managed to cover the little hole above the big one:

I'll need to call the masonry place today, there is nothing on the tube saying how long it takes for the stuff to harden. I'm hoping that after I stain everything else the patches will be nearly invisible. I finished the back in a little over an hour this morning.

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