Saturday, June 14, 2008

As IF We Didn't Have Enough Water!

I did make it across both of the last two bridges left open this morning. After thinking about it last night, I went back to my office and removed some of the items that I had moved to second floor. Given that we are now supposed to get a foot more water than had been predicted, it gives me peace of mind to get most of my files, etc. out of the office. I also brought home my great-grandmother's wicker plant stand, if things get wet and humid inside, I didn't think even leaving it on second floor was a good idea.

Per a request from my most devoted local Iowa City reader, here is a picture of the girls' backyard swimming pool:

This is a new pool, replacing the pool we used for the last two years:

The old pool had a 12 foor diameter and was 2 and a half feet tall. The new pool is 13 feet in diameter and 3 and four feet tall.

We filled it with half city water and half rain water. If I had diverted my downspout I could have completely filled it with rain water!

Iowa City officials have said they do NOT expect to lose the water works to flooding but I am taking no chances: youngest daughter is under strict orders NOT to pee in the pool! While we COULD drink it after boiling, I'm telling the neighborhood that we have supply to flush toilets if needed.

Speaking of pools here is the fish pool with rainwater, the dirt bottom makes it look bad. This is a weird shot with the reflection of the neighbor's garage in it:

Obligatory flood shot: Here are the girls sitting on a sandbag wall at the QuickTrip enjoying our slushies after riding along Riverside Dr. yesterday:

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Christine said...

I hope you fare well with all the flooding. Good luck!