Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote GARNER: For Verne...

..For YOU

If anyone needs a good laugh before we start watching election returns, I suggest you go here:

3 term Verne Mayor, Garner St. John is in the re-election battle of his life!

Be sure to watch each week's campaign video starting with week one. Then check out Garner's recipes and his work prior to politics when he was the host of "Travellin' Man." Read his blog too:

Garner's Musings

Some would claim that in an alternative universe, Garner St. John is an old high school friend of mine, and that Verne is merely his Los Angeles based comedy troupe's latest endeavor. Some would claim that that he was mentioned this Foxcroft blog post: Holiday Plumbing. Some would go so far as to say that I appear briefly in the crowd scene in the "Opponent Chooses Running Mate" episode on But I wouldn't know about that. All I know is that the town's bar is called "Haverkamp's..."

All I can say is that this is the proud bumper sticker on my car:

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