Friday, October 24, 2008

And Now A Word From Ralph Stanley!

As a banjo player I can't express how absolutely delighted I was by this:

I think it's great that "Rank Strangers," a song about coming home to find everything changed, is playing in the background. I think that pretty well sums up the realization of what the Republican Party has become for working class Americans. The "devoted husband" plug was a nice touch too.

Dr. Ralph Stanley is one of the great bluegrass legends. With a 60+ year performing career he is an American icon. Most of you not familiar with his story should recognize him as the person who sang "O Death" in the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou."

The very first and last promo shots has him holding a Gibson archtop banjo very similar to one I have.


Cyndy said...

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Thank you Ralph Stanley and thank you, Foxcroft, for posting this.

AJS said...

This is so awesome! I hadn't seen this endorsement and ad before. Thanks for having this blog too- I don't see too many fellow Iowans doing blogs (I haven't done one yet.)