Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Concrete Shoes?

When I got home from work yesterday I discovered Pete had already been by and taken off the 2x6 forms from the concrete pad we poured at the bottom of the back porch on Saturday. Despite the steady drizzle I put paver bricks around the perimeter of the pad and backfilled the places that needed it. I took the broken sidewalk and temporarily filled in the the square of sidewalk in each direction leading from the pad to the garage and the south side of the house.

When digging out the garage side I found that there are more stepping stones under the cement sidewalk, like the ones we found three years ago running out into the back yard. Since the original photos of the house show only a gravel path from the porch to the garage, the stepping stones must have been added when the others were done in the 1950's. Here was our photo of the other stepping stones taken in 2005:

So now I know when I replace the rest of the sidewalk I can recover more stepping stones.

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Sandy said...

I think that it's great that the original stepping stones are still there.