Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Progress: Porch, Puddles, Pond

I was gently reminded by my most faithful reader last week that it really had been a long time between posts. In spite of little reporting progress continues.

Since we expanded the back porch this summer I needed to make two small columns to place at the corners to attach the railings to. Using the same construction method as the original columns that support the porch roof, I created two boxes 30 inches tall. These will go over the 4x4 posts I attached at the corners of the frame. The railings that ran between the house and the tall columns will fit in there. I have also started to strip the paint off those railings and will get them ready to paint.

Last Sunday I broke up the concrete pad that was at the foot of the porch in order to pour new and be able to build steps back up to the porch. A major reason for all this porch work was that the pad had dipped in the middle and rain water collected into a giant puddle at the foot of the porch steps. With proper slope we should be able to get rid of that problem. Pete stopped by last night and our plan is to dig out and pour a new pad this weekend.

I was looking through Rowan's pictures from her digital camera and selected these to show the pond. These were taken when we had emptied the girls' swimming pool into it. The hole in the bottom still needs to be patched so water has slowly leaked out. I'll get that done this fall too.


Daniele said...

Mike - your renovation is amazing! I read a post from you from 3 years ago that said you were able to order 1.5" oak flooring. I am in search of a source for this. Do you remember where you got it?

Mike said...

I ended up using salvaged flooring. The 1.5 inch I have is some that I pulled from a local house that was being demolished. Looking at Salvage websites would be a good start. Also ebay has some new floor listed ususally but the lengths are usually really short.