Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cascading Beauty

I told Lisa last week that I had decided to not try to remove the limestone from around the pond and cement it all back into place. I thinking about how much more time that would take, and realizing that I need to get going on exterior paint and stain, I'd just have to call the pond good and work on it next year.

So Friday afternoon I bought two pieces of flagstone for the waterfall and started building. All I did was pile up some rocks and hide the hose. I started to fill the pond too. On Saturday morning I finished. Here it is looking up the path from the back porch:



Too close!

Back a little:

Other than the flags the water is running off, all the rocks were either buried in the pool when I dug it out, were on the neighbor's slag heap (the old man was a rock collector, when he passed the adult son said I could take whatever I wanted) or were ones we brought back from the "farm" in Missouri. In picture three above at the top right is a geode from the farm, and top left is a huge chunk of pink quartz with mica right below it from the neighbors. The rock with the holes in it that the water is running under was buried in the pond.

Laurel is responsible for the artistic arrangement of rocks on the lower shelf. She also is patiently waiting with a vase full of tadpoles to add to the pond.


Gene said...

Very nice! The froggies will love it :-)

Black Dog's Photographer said...

That is beautiful. You guys did a nice job. I bet you're going to enjoy the sound of the water splashing off the rocks this summer.

Jenni said...

This rock hound noticed the unusual rocks.
The pond looks pretty and your yard looks great.
Good luck with the tad poles.

Mike said...

The tadpoles are in. I saw them swimming yesterday. Hopefully I added enough water hyacinth and water lettuce to give them some cover when needed. I am under orders not to put any fish in until there is absolutely no chance that they will eat the tadpoles.

Sandy said...

I think it's gorgeous!!