Sunday, June 07, 2009

Jurassic Bungalow

With the cool spring and regular rainfall the yard is pretty lush this year:

The ferns are now 4 feet tall, the house is nearly as obscured as when we first bought the place. But ferns are much different that trees...

I worked out back this morning for a while and just quickly set, in approximate locations, the bases for the pergola columns:

I really like the salvaged cement block with the stone faces. I told Lisa it will give the pergola "instant age."


Sarah said...

A pergola and a pond, I am so jealous.

hovercraft said...

Gorgeous! So obviously I need to apprentice with you for grotto building and Lisa for landscape design.

Mike said...


But don't you have a two car garage? Or at least a one car that you can put a vehicle in? I would like one of them!


The offer is open, buddy. I think you need an extended family visit, if not this summer than next.