Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In the Catbird Seat

After getting the main beams up it was time to put on the cross beams, I used all my salvaged lumber on the main beams so I bought treated 2 X 8 boards. The easiest way to put them up was to place them on top of the main beams and mark them where they would cross the main beams:

Then we used the jig saw to cut notches while we were on top of the pergola, rather than take each board up and down:

After we got the cross beams up we put on 2 X 2 boards over the top. As soon as we were finished both Pete and I said the 2 X 2's looked really stupid, because they weren't correctly scaled with the other boards:

As you can see above, they are barely noticeable. Next post will be how we corrected that situation.


Anonymous said...

FINALLY we get to sort of see the mystery man Pete's face...my God, he's drop-dead sexy!!

Mike said...

I agree. It's the combination of the shades, the powertool, and straddling the boards I believe...