Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So the 2 X 2 boards just weren't enough for the top of the pergola. So I went and got 12' 2 X 4's. My problem was I didn't want to take the 2 X 2's off. So, I just cut off the ends that extended beyond the main beams. I butted the 2 X 4's to the other boards and had them up pretty quickly. It looks much better:

I also ordered solar powered lights to string over the top. It was my gift to Lisa for our anniversary. They looked good here:

But last night I noticed that they weren't working...


Anonymous said...

Fabulous--and you're right, the scale is much better. What a great spot to enjoy the evening with a glass of wine and good company! Can you come build one of these for me next??

Mike said...

Sure, find yourself some salvaged cement columns, and then we'll talk.

Seriously your exterior paint job looks wonderful. I've been painting too, but I work VERY slowly.


Emily said...

Hey Mike:

Don't know where to leave this for you....I've been away but I was Iowagal on the American Bungalow forum. What the heck happened to that forum? That was my big old lifeline. Will check back here for you again.

Your house is looking swell.

Mike said...

Hey Emily,

American Bungalow rebuilt their website and I don't know if they will have forums again or not, they had been over-run by spam prior to the re-design. Thanks for the kind words about the house!