Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Pergola in Action!

To finish a great Labor Day/Hawkeye football weekend we had Laurel's birthday dinner outside under the pergola. Both sets of grandparents and Aunt Lori and Uncle Matt were there. We seated a table of six under the pergola, and another table of four in the patio between the pergola and the pond:

On Saturday the Hawkeye footbal team played my undergrad alma mater, the University of Northern Iowa.

My Panthers gave Iowa all they wanted and then some. Setting an NCAA record, Iowa won the game by blocking TWO field goal attempts on consecutive plays, to win 17-16.

We had guests for the game from Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon, and St. Louis as well as our usual visitors and friends. Here is one pic from before the game:

And one with three of my best childhood friends after the game:

And even though it wasn't from this past weekend, here is a special shot of the "Corn on the Cob" cupcakes that Rowan made after she took her cake decorating class, a great way to finish the "end of summer" post here on Foxcroft:

The "kernals" are jelly beans, the "butter" are starburst candies.


Allison said...

Love the pergola. I've been looking for posts from people who actually installed them themselves, something we contemplate off and on. Looks like lots of work, but the end result is great.

Mike said...

Thanks, Allison!

Building your own is certainly possible, and I'd even hazard a guess that it could be done much more easily the the route we took.