Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mystery Revealed

With guesses of "shellac" and "pie," it is time to reveal the mystery picture. IT CAME FROM HERE:

So this

is actually what solidified at the top of a five gallon bucket of exterior shingle stain. The color is "Oxford Brown." The blob was 12" across and over two inches thick. I bought the stain in 2005 and last used it the summer of 2007. Even after taking that thing out the remainder was pretty lumpy. I bought a single gallon of new stain and dumped it into the old and used it anyway. The shingles on the house were last stained over 25 years ago, so anything is an improvement, right?

Here is how it looks on the house:

And to make sure that in the next year or two when I start on another side of the house, I bought another 5 gallon bucket now to start aging it now so it will be sufficiently lumpy when I need it...


hovercraft said...

Whoa, that was worth it. Why the green veins, though? Weird.

If you put it in a pie plate and put it on the Thanksgiving table, I bet you could pass it off as another of your "experiments."

Rob said...

Shoot, my guess was "what solidified at the top of a five gallon bucket of exterior shingle stain", but I neglected to post it... do I still get the prize??

Mike said...

Ding Ding Ding

I was waiting for someone to say that! Do you want me to mail the lump to your current address, or should I wait until you've moved into your new place? If I wait, the thing might dry up completely and stop oozing...