Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Lid and the Old Place

It's not like I'm stalking our previous house or anything, but even four years after moving I still look out at the old place whenever I'm on that side of town. I had been paying a little more attention this summer after Brian, one of the current owners, said they would be putting a new roof on. He mentioned it would be made of metal shingles. So last month when I went by and saw it was covered in a grid of lathe boards I knew I needed to get a picture. I drove around to the back alley and shot this view from the rear:

What makes me feel really old, is that we put the red roof on in 1996! I hired the job out and am glad I did. I know my limits and laying new shingles is beyond my abilities. It seemed like a bear of a job, since it included a tear off of three old layers of shingles. About 9 months after we re-roofed we got hit by a major hailstorm. Our insurance ended up paying us $4,000 which was nearly 2/3 of cost of the new one.

I went by the house this week and here is how it looks now:

I like the look. The sign out front says that they are stone covered metal shingles, to me it looks very much like Ludowici tiles. Maybe in 15 years we will do the same on Foxcroft but in a green similar to what we already have?

I am so comforted by the fact that our old place is in such capable hands. Brian and Sarah have done a wonderful job of making improvements, and the fact that it is still a single family home is icing on the cake. I must also say that those pictures of the back also show that my paint job, 1998 on the rear side and 1999 on the north still look darn good!


StuccoHouse said...

Wow, that does look good. When I saw the photo of the lathe, I got worried. I love the fact that they kept the red color too. I've never heard of that roofing material. I'm 9 yrs into my roof....and keeping an eye peeled for the options out there.

Mike said...

One of the owners is the marketing person for a local architectural firm, he keeps his eyes open too. They've also done some really nice limestone work in the front.

I was curious about the lathe, but since there is only one layer of shingles below it, weight shouldn't be a problem.

When we still lived there, a commercial building in the same half block, with a notoriously leaky roof, and with three layers of shingles did a similar thing and put up a corrugated metal roof (think hog confinement building) right over all the mess, and then sold the place. I talked to the new owner she couldn't understand why second floor still had such problems, the roof LOOKED so good!

SJGunner said...

Thanks for the kind words, Mike. We're quite happy with the new roof and are even more excited to reap the insulation benefits this winter (and energy-saver tax deduction next year)!

And you're right about that amazing paint job! We could only hope your painting will last as long as the new roof. :-)

- Sarah

BWGunner said...
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BWGunner said...

Brian here. I'm actually the Marketing Director for and the folks here thought I was insane on this project. They had never heard of this roof material. is the installer. Mike's a terrific guy to work with and we are overjoyed at the results.

The product can be seen here:

The problem is the old roof does not have modern venting, and with the changes in the shingle industry a "30 year" shingle actually lasts about 8. Right before this roof, and I mean RIGHT before it, we were getting two leaks upstairs and the South side was deteriorating before our eyes.

This roof is warranted for 100'll outlast all of us. The air barrier it creates, like a thermos, will provide a huge boost to our roof insulation, and the whole house is much quieter.

Thanks for the writeup, Mike. I should mail you some new photos, it's amazing from across the street looking down. And wait until you see the interior columns I'm in the midst of building...

Mike said...

Hey good to hear from both of you! I think the place looks fantastic. I will seriously think about it for down the road at Foxcroft.

I also know your new neighbor, she is a long time teacher in the ICCSD I'll have to mention I know you both the next time I see her.

Returning columns to the room divider was something I should have done, I was a stoop not to have done so.