Monday, October 12, 2009

Road Trip 2009

As mentioned before, I did finish my shingles and then took down the scaffolding for winter. Here are the new shingles above the window:

As soon as I took everything down I got a call that my new dining room storms and screens were ready. I had ordered these about a month ago from Adams Architectural. I had Adams build windows for the new gable we put in upstairs, and they also did the wooden storms and screen that we have on second floor. We then used them to build storms and screens for the back of the house. I really am impressed with their work. When I called to order three more, I was surprised to learn they had moved from near Davenport (an hour away) to Dubuque (an hour and 45 minutes away)

Friday I drove to Dubuque to get my three storms and three screens. Adams new location is in the warehouse district of Dubuque, and very picturesque area:

I went in to say "hello" and then got sent out to drive to the loading dock:

In five minutes I was loaded up:

But I wasn't ready to go home yet, because on the other side of the block where Adams is located is The Restoration Warehouse (formerly Mid-America Salvage) which is the place I got our flooring and bookcases.

I spent an hour looking around and am interested in what looked like a grill from an old service elevator that would make some nice fencing back by the fish pond. I hope they email me a price as the piece wasn't marked.

So added to my winter project list will be painting the storms and screens so they can be hung in the spring.


Aaron said...

Cool - we ordered our storms from Adams as well so it's great to see the real deal!

The stain on the house looks great too--nice to see what you're up too. Hope you're all doing well!

Mike said...

Hey Aaron,

What irony, I was just reading about your porch project!

I get my storms and screens primed from them. I noticed these storms have a different glazing than the first ones I got from them. These are still a little soft. The upstairs were already rock hard when I got them, I don't know what they used to use, but I'd love to get a hold of it!

Everyone here is good, hope you all are too.