Saturday, November 19, 2005

If It's Friday, I Must Be On the Road... & The Bronze Pig

Yesterday was not salvage adventures, however, I actually went out and got some new stuff. I went to Adams Architectural in Eldridge, Iowa. Eldridge is a small town just outside Davenport, about an hour from Foxcroft. They emailed Thursday night to say that our new window unit and the storms and screens for upstairs were ready. I knew this would happen as soon as I wrote about them not being ready yet in And the Aliens Can't Steal Our Brainwaves.

So Friday found me once again in Pete's truck, on interstate 80. I wasn't sure if all 16 storms and screens plus the unit would fit in the truck, so my back up plan was to run the screens to my in-laws in Rock Island (just across the Mississippi River). Fortunately we were able to pack it all in by setting the storms/screens on edge with cardboard packed between. I had to stop three times on the way home to tighten straps, and never went much above 55 mph, but the trip home wasn't too bad, if you don't mind a steady stream of traffic passing you on your left. Here's how the load looked when I got home, it really was packed better than this angle shows:

The F&L building crew will come Sunday and we'll put the window up. Can't do it today (Saturday) because we're all much more interested in:

Floyd of Rosedale

Go Hawkeyes!

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