Sunday, November 20, 2005

Drunken Tub Lifters

It's all about timing. After the last home game of the football season (A 52-28 blowout of the University of Minnesota) everyone was standing around in the front yard of Foxcroft, in a happy state of mind. The primary activities were lubrication and mastication. Most of the conversation was on where the Hawkeyes would end up in the holiday bowl lineups. "Hey, would you guys want to help me out with a little job? I need to take the clawfoot tub to the new bathroom."

"Hey, no problem! Of course!" And next thing you knew we have carried the tub up to the base of the scaffolding. (I really have thought this all out in advance on how to get this tub upstairs) Six of us easily bench pressed the tub up to the top of the first level of scaffolding with two people above guiding it onto the platform. A few more scrambled up and we lifted it to the next level. From there we took it to the plank just outside the window. We had already opened the window and then put three more inside to get it from the ones outside.

It went off without a hitch, except for the one really inebriated person (Who coincidentally was a Minnesotan) who stepped where he shouldn't. I've been climbing on scaffold so long, I don't even think to tell people NOT to step on a board outside the area of the frame. When Jay stepped on the long board he was damned lucky I saw it and stepped on the other end of the board so he didn't get flipped off.

And if I can get the pictures recovered from a bad floppy I'll have the pictures that prove we did it.

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