Thursday, November 17, 2005

"And the Aliens Can't Steal Our Brainwaves!"

Today's title is what I told Pete last week when we were putting insulation over the interior of the window opening in the upstairs sunroom.

Pete was worried that it was getting cold and the window unit has not yet arrived from Adams Architectural. So he brought over some insulation to cover the opening. (On the outside we have a wooden frame with a tarp over it.) Pete put hinges at the top of the frame to open it as needed. This has proved very valuable as a method of bringing things upstairs, most recently Salvaged Flooring. Pete didn't bring enough insulation, and wondered if there was anything else around we could use. I found the duct insulation in one of the storage areas and it fit between the two pieces of insulation.

Tuesday night's forecast was for 35 mph winds from the NW with temps in the 20's. It had been raining all day and about 5:00 turned to snow and ice. At 9:30 PM Pete called to say he was coming over to put screws in the lower part of the exterior frame to make sure a gust of wind wouldn't catch under it and blow the thing off. It was quite exciting to stand on an ice covered scaffold and hold the flashlight while Pete was up screwing the frame down. Fortunately I had left the roof jacks attached with a board to facilitate putting up the window if it ever arrives. Since that board is under the protection of the eaves, there wasn't any ice on it. Ten minutes and we had it done, but we both agreed we are getting old for this sort of stuff.

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