Sunday, October 30, 2005

Road Warrior II: Still More Salvage

After last weekend's perilous but successful journey to Evanston for the buffet, I ventured a shorter distance on Friday: going to Dubuque. While a shorter trip, it was a much larger haul, as I brought home 750 sq ft. of 2.25 inch wide oak flooring. I was a little nervous as this would be the first trip towing with Pete's truck since my fateful "Ever Lose a Ball Hitch at 60 MPH?"" saga as part of the "My Ebay Doors" excursion.

I took Tarryl's trailer, which I last used to haul brush to the landfill last May. On my return from that trip the back gate fell off. We removed it this time, before I left, because I was under the impression (which was to be mistaken, much to my chagrin) that since the floor was on pallets in the warehouse, and I had seen a forklift, that those two items would mean it would be easy to get the flooring onto the trailer.

It turns out the bundles weren't banded to the pallets, that pallets are in very short supply at Mid America Salvage and can't leave the building, and that the forklift belonged to someone else. To top it off, the young kid helping me load was complaining about how much work it was putting the boards onto the trailer. I pointed out that this was my day off, and that when I got home I'd be carrying all of this up to second floor. He quit whining for a while.

I drove very carefully, and was extremely worried going up and down the hills out of Dubuque but everything went smoothly. I got home and started unloading. I got all the medium boards in Friday night, and left the 10 packages of long boards (10+ feet long, one package of 15 footers) for Saturday morning along with all the bundles of short pieces that we had put in the bed of the pickup truck.

In the morning I put all the long bundles against the scaffolding and opened the window. Lisa tipped the bundles up to me and I put them in the sitting room and then took them into the bedrooms. Then I unloaded the pickup and returned the trailer and truck

Now Rowan and Laurel's rooms each hold flooring stacked a minimum of 8 boards deep. Maybe in the next week or so I'll start getting it all down.

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